Offer Incentives for Customers to Give You Referrals

When someone is in need of a service provider, such as a plumber, they want to make sure that they select a plumber that does good work at a fair price. Conducting a quick Google search might result in a list of local plumbers, but how does a customer differentiate one from the other at first glance? It would likely take a little bit more research and digging to find out more about each plumber. Sometimes the easiest way to find a plumber is simply to ask around and see if any friends or family members have had a good experience with a plumber recently. If a plumber is approved by a friend or family member (someone that is trusted) there’s a good chance that that’s all the information they need to make the call and book the appointment.

Referral business can be a huge money maker for a plumbing company, which is why it’s crucial to be remembered by satisfied customers in some way. What if someone asks a previous customer of yours for a plumbing company recommendation and they can’t remember off the top of their heads what the name was of the company that they used. This means that a referral opportunity is lost!

One way to ensure that you receive referrals from satisfied plumbing customers is to provide them with incentives if they refer your plumbing company to someone else. An incentive can be anything from a percent off of plumbing work the next time that it’s needed or adding an additional service in for free. The incentive could also be a monetary reward for a percentage of the profit that you earn from the job that came from the referral. You could also give gift cards for local shops or restaurants. You really can get as creative as you’d like with referral incentives.

Of course, an incentive isn’t enough to get a customer to refer your plumbing company to a friend or family member. It’s just an added bonus. A customer is only going to refer your company if the work that you did was good, the price was fair, and they were happy with all other elements of the experience. For example, were you friendly? Did you leave the work space clean upon completing the job? Did you follow up with the customer after the job to make sure that everything was working properly? There are other factors too that could put you in the “good graces” of customers, like how quickly you responded to their initial inquiry and what the turnaround time was on the job.

Incentives are a great idea to generate referral business, but don’t forget what will really make you stand out and generate referrals- a happy and satisfied customer! The easiest way to insure more word of mouth referrals is to have the great vanity phone number 1-800-Plumbing.

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